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Three Things from Rob Barth and Co

Three Things is a brief update I send on occasion to share information and keep you posted on what’s happening here at Barth and Co. I invite you to subscribe to the email edition.

December 2017

1 : Peace out

As we say goodbye to 2017, the Peace Snowflake Shop is open for business with shirts, mugs and more (10% of profits will be donated to charity).

2 : Counting the days

Somewhere on a deserted outfield, a lonely baseball shivers in the snow. Lucky for us there’s hot cocoa — and Spring Training Countdown.

3 : Here’s to us

Thank you for the work we did together this year, for being on the other end of these emails, and for your feedback. Here’s to a happy 2018 for us all.

June 2017

1 : Dave’s bees

Animation is a great medium for music videos, ads, and explainers. Here’s a piece I produced with Dave Joly at Picturedance a while back. Can we create one for you?

2 : Save the bees

For about a decade, bees have been dying off at an unprecedented rate. 42% of managed honeybee colonies died between April 2014 and April 2015. But you can help.

3 : Circle B’s

It’s nice to like your logo, and the “Circle B” continues to serve us well here at Barth and Co. Need branding or rebranding? We can create a new mark for you. Here’s some inspiration.

November 2016

1 : Exit 3 Films logo

Here’s a sneak peek at my new logo for Brooklyn-based Exit 3 Films.

2 : Honest, Abe. Nice look!

If you were named Secretary of Fashion Eyewear, how would you advise President Lincoln? Cast your vote here.

3 : Start the clock.

It’s going to be a long winter for baseball fans. Especially in Cleveland. Guess how many days until Spring Training?

August 2016

1 : National web design award

We’re happy to report that our website design for Quintessence Vineyards has been recognized with a 2016 American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA.

2 : Latest logo launch

Here’s our logo design for, the newly-launched, worldwide social platform where disabled people can meet and date.

3 : Art!

My new digital print, Speakeasy Gallery Building is the first in a planned series of prints featuring buildings.

February 2016

1 : Winter Bad. Baseball Good.

Spring Training begins on Thursday! Watch the final seconds tick away over at — and check out our new “Winter Bad. Baseball Good” swag in the Gift Shop.

2 : Great sounds for a great cause

We just finished this year’s promotional campaign for The Concert to Feed the Hungry, presented by Buddhist Global Relief. This is BGR’s 5th annual evening of world-class music dedicated to the struggle against chronic hunger and malnutrition.

3 : Art rewound

And speaking of sounds, here’s Get Up, Stand Up, my submission to the recent group show “The Art of the Mix Tape” at Speakeasy Gallery in Boonton, NJ.

September 2015

1 : Health + Wellness Design Award to Barth and Co

We’re happy to report that our recent whiteboard animation for Newark Community Meditation Center has been recognized with a 2015 Health + Wellness Design Award. According to competition sponsor Graphic Design USA, the annual event attracted more than 1,000 entries from around the country.

2 : Oh my Google

As the all-knowing, all-seeing Google continues to evolve their logo, here’s our suggestion for just getting to the point next time around.

3 : For those who know Jack

My painting Jack Joy is the inspiration behind The JRT Store, a shop dedicated to Jack Russell Terriers and the people they own.

April 2015

1 : Our 15 seconds of fame

We’re happy to report that the New Jersey Advertising Club’s 47th Annual Jersey Awards competition has recognized our “I know” radio spot for The Record, North Jersey Media Group’s flagship newspaper.

2 : Concert to Feed the Hungry

In New York tonight? Enjoy world-class live jazz and support Buddhist Global Relief’s efforts to feed hungry people around the world: the 4th annual Concert to Feed the Hungry.

3 : Eye in the sky

I’ve become addicted to the streaming video feed from the International Space Station, officially known as the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment. It offers stunning views of earth, around the clock. Highly recommended!

March 2015

1 : Quintessence Vineyards site uncorked

At the heart of our new website for Quintessence Vineyards is a unique interactive vineyard map. Site users can view plantings by block, variety, winemaker, and planting date — while satellite, map, and terrain views provide all the detailed info an oenophile could want. Developed with our collaborative partner Online&, the site adapts seamlessly to mobile devices. Smartphone GPS provides vineyard visitors with info about their immediate surroundings, right down to the specific grapes they’re observing.

2 : Going once, going twice...

The upcoming Fine Art Auction at Index Art Center in Newark, NJ includes Vertical Composition 2, from my print series featuring manipulated birch-twig photographs imposed over fields of color. The reception is on Saturday, March 14th. Details here.

3 : Font nerd fashion fun!

Our Comic Papyrus font parody went viral recently, inspiring us to create the Comic Papyrus Gift Shop. Why not kick off the spring flaunting fabulous fun font fashions?

December 2014

1 : You wanna take it outside?

What does a person from North Jersey say when you call them a know-it-all?

2 : Ah, the glamor of holiday travel...

Hey millennials, did you know there was a time when travel was actually considered glamorous and fun?

3 : Attention shoppers!

Last year our Peace Sign Snowflake holiday card was a big hit. People said, “you should sell those things”. So we are! Check out the Peace Snowflake Gift Shop for holiday mugs, sweatshirts, hats, and more.

November 2014

1 : Barth and Co video wins national design award

We’re pleased to announce that “Dave’s Bees”, our joint effort with master animator Dave Joly, has been recognized with a 2014 American Design Award. According to competition sponsor Graphic Design USA, the annual event attracts “more than 8,000 entries from around the country, with a highly selective 15% recognized for excellence”.

2 : Bring the designer in early.

Successful organizations know that design isn’t just a finishing touch to be added at the end of product development. Effective design is firmly aligned with strategy. If you want to hit a target, make sure your designers are there to help you take aim.

3 : Variations on a saxophone

I used to play my alto sax almost daily. Today it stares at me from across the studio, as if waiting for me to clamp on a new reed. My new assemblage, The Saxophone Variations, is a tryptich homage to my old pal. It features photos of the horn — digitized, chopped up, and reassembled to form new compositions.

July 2014

1 : Location

Barth and Co has moved!

Please note our new address:
Rob Barth and Co.
4 South Orange Avenue, #111
South Orange, New Jersey 07079

You can download a V-card here.

2 : Location

Like most people today, we work with clients and colleagues from all over the country. Physical location doesn’t seem to matter much any more. But it does help to like where you work – and we’re loving the bustling Village of South Orange, with its restaurants, shops, college-town vibe, and proximity to Manhattan.

3 : Location

And for those of you who don’t like change, not to worry – you'll find us on the internet at the same old place: – where you’ll find my recent blog post about a guy who really likes where he works!

May 2014

1 : Bees!

Our friend and frequent collaborator Dave Joly wears many hats: illustrator, animator, teacher... and beekeeper! Here’s a piece Dave and I produced to create some buzz around our animation work. We could produce a honey of a clip for you, too (ow! those puns really sting).

2 : Barth and Co wins national web design award

We’re happy to report that our website design for Online& has been recognized with a 2014 American Design Award. According to competition sponsor Graphic Design USA, the annual event attracted more than 1,000 entries from around the country. Thanks and congratulations go to Glenn C. Devitt at Online&, who brought our design to life.

3 : Shredded art

My construction Shredded Mondrian, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Lichtenstein, Seurat and Rothko will be on exhibit at aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art in Newark, NJ as part of Studio Montclair's Viewpoints 2014. The show runs June 4 through 28, with an opening reception on Saturday, June 7 from 6 to 9pm. Also in the show is my painting Pete Seeger Wearing A Pink Izod Shirt.

March 2014

1 : Cover Designs for Memoirs That Don’t Exist

I recently asked a group of friends and colleagues a question: If you were to publish a memoir today, what would the title be? The responses I received were truly inspirational, resulting in the cover designs I’ve put up here. Please let us know if you have a favorite!

2 : Logos Ahoy!

We’re currently developing a family of hospitality logos for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. The CMLF offers a scenic and relaxing cruise between New Jersey and Delaware that can cut miles off of trips along the Atlantic Coast. We're excited to be a part of their rebranding effort.

3 : Pete Seeger Wearing A Pink Izod Shirt

My painting Pete Seeger Wearing A Pink Izod Shirt has been selected for Studio Montclair’s ViewPoints 2014, the Annual Open Juried Exhibition at aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art in Newark, NJ. There will be an opening reception on Saturday evening, June 7th from 6-9pm.

January 2014

1 : All the web’s a stage...

We always put our clients center stage. Our new website design for Billy Aronson — playwright, television producer, and co-creator of the children’s show Peg + Cat — does so quite literally. Developed in collaboration with Online&, Billy’s site presents the author himself having fun with a bit of pantomime, as captured by noted photographer Pete Byron.

2 : Search Optimization : The Aardvark Effect

There was a time when optimizing search results meant trying to get your company listed first in something called The Yellow Pages (which was the back section of something called The Phone Book). A lot of companies tried gaming the alpha-based system, employing aardvarks, among other things — sometimes to humorous effect.

3 : Spring Training Countdown goes viral!

Baseball fans must be getting antsy, because our Spring Training Countdown page has welcomed nearly 38,000 visitors to date! Our analytics show most visitors coming via Facebook, followed by Reddit and Twitter. Fans must be feeling winter’s chill, too, judging from sales of mugs and sweatshirts over at the STC gift shop. Many thanks to those of you who shared the page with your friends!

December 2013

1 : Ready... set... meditate!

Is your head full of clutter? Well, 'tis the season! Take a deep breath and check out our 30 second whiteboard video for Newark Community Meditation Center. Whiteboard videos are fun, fast, informative clips that really grab attention. Can we create one for you?

2 : The perfect gift for that baseball fanatic

Baseball’s Winter Meetings are underway. What better time to visit our Spring Training Countdown page? And while you’re there, stop in at The Gift Shop! Do you have an important event coming up? Contact us about designing a countdown page for you!

3 : You gotta have art...

Several of my Shredded Art Constructions are on exhibit in Paper or Plastic at Speakeasy Art Gallery in Boonton NJ through February 2. My installation Container is in the upcoming Metro 30 Show at City Without Walls Gallery in Newark NJ. Metro 30 runs through March 8, with an opening reception on Thursday December 12 at 6pm.

October 2013

1 : Barth and Co wins national design award

We’re pleased to announce that our Explainer Video for The Press of Atlantic City has been recognized with a 2013 American Design Award. According to competition sponsor Graphic Design USA, the annual event attracts “more than 8,000 entries from around the country, with a highly selective 15% recognized for excellence”. Explainer videos are everywhere these days. Can we create one for you?

2 : Put our new website to the test.

Whether you’re reading this on your phone, tablet or desktop, click through to our new website to see Adaptive Web Design in action. With mobile internet soon overtaking desktop usage, your website needs to adapt successfully across multiple platforms. Why not talk to us about producing an adaptive site for you?

3 : Encounter some art!

My painting Dilo (Prez Prado) is in the group show Encuentros-Encounters, at Zufall Health Center in Dover, New Jersey. The exhibition, curated by Raul Villarreal, celebrates the beauty, essence and many facets of Hispanic heritage. The show runs through December 14, with an opening reception on November 1 at 5:30pm.

September 2013

1 : Hot Spots: One-Minute Videos from Barth and Co

Barth and Co Hot Spots are custom videos that communicate quickly and clearly in an attention-getting way. They can explain, inform, or entertain. Hot Spots are perfectly tailored for the internet and ready to go viral. Got something to say? We can help you say it. In a minute!

2 : How does your web site look on a phone?

It’s predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage by 2014. Is your website ready? We specialize in Adaptive Web Design, so the sites we build (including our own) function seamlessly across PCs and mobile devices alike. There’s no need to pay for a special mobile version – it’s all in the code.

3 : Art Is Not Funny in California

My installation Art Is Not Funny is part of “ABZ etcetera” at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in Sebastopol, California. This national exhibition features work that explores the use of letters, numbers, symbols, characters, and text. The show runs from September 12 through October 19, with an opening reception tonight, Thursday, September 12, at 6:00pm.

June 2013

1 : Let us explain...

Our new Explainer Video for The Press of Atlantic City has been released. An Explainer is a short, instructive video that communicates quickly and clearly in an attention-getting way. Explainers seem to be everywhere these days. Can we create one for you?

2 : What’s in a name?

Shaw Vineyards of Washington has hired us to rename one of their vineyards. Currently known as Section 32, the property on Red Mountain is truly unique, with any number of distinctive features that make it ripe for a creative rechristening. Talk about an interesting project! We’ll keep you posted.

3 : Nocturnes exhibit opens June 18

My new piece Shredded Van Gogh will be in the group show Nocturnes at Therese A. Maloney Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, New Jersey. The opening reception is Tuesday, June 18 from 4:30 to 7pm. The show runs through September 22.

February 2013

1 : Chapel Hill Academy Website Recognized

We’re happy to announce that Graphic Design USA has recognized our design for Chapel Hill Academy with a 2012 American Web Design Award. We were the design provider for the development team assembled for the Chapel Hill project by Sergeant Marketing of Montville, NJ. Congratulations all!

2 : Time for a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn Company Page can connect you with 200 million professionals who are focused solely on business. You can set one up yourself, but like any important marketing effort, the most effective examples are developed professionally – and by design. That’s where we come in!

3 : Art Exhibit: Persona at Maloney Gallery

My installation Container is currently on exhibit in the group show Persona at Therese A. Maloney Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, New Jersey. The exhibition runs through April 14.

December 2012

1 : Website launch: Richard Ford Music Editing

Music editor Richard Ford has had a busy year, including work on The Descendants, Argo, and the soon-to-be-released Zero Dark Thirty. Yet somehow he found time to commission us to design his new website. And we’re glad he did! Richard asked for a web page that would function like a DVD menu, connecting visitors to various locations around the internet that define his web and social media presence. The new site is part of our overall brand development for Richard Ford Music Editing.

2 : Gimme Munny

I’ll be part of the group show Munny Makers, which opens December 7 at Speakeasy Art in Boonton, NJ. Munnys are customizable, do-it-youself vinyl forms that have become something of an underground phenomenon among artists.

3 : Play Ball! Eventually...

It’s not quite winter yet, but diehard baseball fanatics are already clamoring for our annual Spring Training Countdown Clock. So here it is, fans!

September 2012

1 : Barth and Co wins national logo design award

We’re pleased to announce that Graphic Design USA has recognized my logo for Quintessence Vineyards with a 2012 American Graphic Design Award. The logo is is part of our ongoing brand development for the Benton County, Washington vineyard. Our entry will be published in this year’s Graphic Design USA Annual, to be released in December.

2 : When’s the last time your website had a checkup?

Does your website seem old and tired? A little confused? Perhaps it’s time for a thorough examination. Consider a comprehensive Barth and Co Website Audit. We know how to make websites better.

3 : Branches solo show at Speakeasy Art

Many thanks to everyone who attended the opening of my show Branches at Speakeasy Art in Boonton, NJ. The town was alive with multiple gallery openings that night and judging from the buzz a good time was had by all! The show runs through September 29.

May 2012

1 : Cultivating a brand for Quintessence Vineyards

Our logo for Quintessence Vineyards is part of the new brand we’re helping develop for the Benton County, Washington partnership. Also under development are site signage, stationery and related identity materials. It’s always fun to be present at the beginning of a new enterprise. We wish everyone at Quintessence many a bountiful harvest!

2 : (Re)discovering Kraftwerk

We were among the fortunate (and visibly gloating) few to attend last month’s sold-out, 8-Day Kraftwerk retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. It was billed as "the first retrospective to present Kraftwerk’s complex layers of music, sound, videos, sets, and performance as a total work of art." Seeing them run through their catalog reminded me of how accurately the Denizens of Dusseldorph foresaw the digital world we live in now. An evening of great visual design, impeccable sound, and Spaten beer.

3 : You gotta have art...

My installation Hello Box will be on exhibit beginning tomorrow (May 2) in the group show disconnected at The Gallery at 14 Maple in Morristown, New Jersey. On Friday, May 4, Speakeasy Art in Boonton, NJ relaunches with the group show 2 x 2, which includes my painting By Halves 2.

February 2012

1 : A new logo for Lupus Colorado

I’ve been developing a new logo for The Lupus Foundation of Colorado, who have graciously allowed me to share the final four contenders with you. Sneak a peek behind the scenes and see which one you think is the winner!

2 : Springtime: the final countdown!

Spring Training starts this weekend... and you can watch the final seconds of winter tick away on our Spring Training Countdown page. All winter long, baseball die-hards turn to our countdown clock for comfort. Do you have a special event coming up? We can create a cool countdown page for you, too!

3 : Bicycle art

I have a series of prints in the upcoming group show Art Cycle 2 : An Exhibition of Bicycle Inspired Art at Index Art Center in Newark, NJ. To create the pieces for this show, I made a printing press out of a bicycle wheel. The show opens on Saturday, March 10.

November 2011

1 : OTTO Cards are here!

If you like to send e-cards, here’s a source for something new and unique. We’ve just created the Otto Cards web site for the popular Park Slope, Brooklyn store Otto. Otto Cards feature the original work of artist and Otto partner Annette Englander. Until now, her charming, hand-painted silk greetings have been available exclusively at the Otto store. Now you can send them online, for free!

2 : Do you have your 1956 calendar yet?

2012 is almost here, which means it’s time to think about getting a new calendar. I think it’s fun to repurpose old calendars whose dates match the coming year. Thanks to eBay, they’re fairly easy to find. Last year it was 1955—so in 2012 it’ll be 1956. The calendars work just fine, but be on the lookout for old-timey quirks (like celebrating Lincoln’s Birthday on Lincoln’s Birthday).

3 : Art in shreds

I currently have a piece in the group show Works on Paper at the Speakeasy Gallery in Boonton, NJ. To produce this piece, I made prints of six famous paintings and put them through a paper shredder. The shreds are presented on six panels, pressed behind a sheet of clear acrylic. The resulting assemblage is an interesting composition in itself—and it’s fun to try and identify which paintings I put through the shredder. The show runs through January 8.

September 2011

1 : Barth and Co wins national logo design award

I’m happy to announce that Graphic Design USA has recognized my logo for Richard Ford Music Editing with a 2011 American Graphic Design Award. The logo is part of an ongoing brand identity we’re developing for Venice, California-based music editor Richard Ford. Richard’s interest in contemporary street art inspired a stenciled motif, to which I added visual elements to reflect the dynamism of music and to give a graphic nod to film title design. Richard worked closely with me throughout the process, which was quite enjoyable (and fitting — given that film is probably the most collaborative of art forms). The logo will be published in this year’s Graphic Design USA Annual, to be released in December.

2 : Our first gas-powered ad campaign

Hurricane Irene may have robbed us of electricity for seven days — but we weren’t completely powerless, thanks to our trusty generator (and frequent trips to the gas station). With deadlines looming, we kept the hard drives spinning long enough to design and produce an ad campaign promoting National Coupon Month for The Press of Atlantic City.

3 : Renoir and Degas walk into a barre ...

I have a new installation on view in the group show Humor In Art at the Watchung Arts Center in Watchung, New Jersey. The concept is one I’ve had for a long time, but it wasn’t until this show came along that I felt it might have found a home. The show runs through September 24.

August 2011

1 : Barth and Co wins national web design award

I’m pleased to announce that Graphic Design USA has recognized my web site for Englander Cabinetry with a 2011 American Web Design award. It’s particularly gratifying for this site to win, as it was truly a pet project for me.

Creating the site was a lot of fun. First, I spent a day at the Englander shop in Brooklyn taking photos and recording audio. I arranged the resulting images as a loose grid on a single web page. When moused over, the images trigger audio loops and other surprises. The loops gradually build as layers — and the resulting “composition” is never the same twice.

2 : Search Engine Optimization is everything. Except when it’s not.

I was recently the guest of our strategic partner Glenn C. Devitt over at Online&, where we discussed myths, realities and a few surprising truths surrounding search engine optimization. Our discussion is freshly posted on Glenn’s blog, Online& On My Mind.

3 : Art on view at The Maloney Gallery through September 10.

I currently have 3 installations on view at the Maloney Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ. All three pieces are influenced by my work as a designer, as they draw directly on my experience with exhibit design. In fact, two pieces were fabricated by the exhibit firm Palumbo Associates, who have been instrumental in bringing several of my recent projects to life.