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Rob’s Blog Archive : January 2014

A productivity hack for font snobs

2:26 PM Wednesday January 22, 2014

Comic Papyrus

Why waste valuable time bashing hated fonts individually? Now, thanks to Comic Papyrus from Barth and Co, you can diss two fonts at once!

The Gift Shop is open! Get your Comic Papyrus T shirt or mug today!

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Hail the humble business card.

2:40 PM Tuesday January 14, 2014

Rob Barth business card

Even as a web designer, I am struck by the enduring power of the “lowly” business card. The card I use in the art world couldn’t be more simple — it’s just a visual play on the URL of my art website. But it never fails to get a reaction. It almost always prompts curiosity and conversation. And isn’t that what we’re looking for when we hand someone our card?

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Search Optimization and The Aardvark Effect.

11:32 AM Monday January 13, 2014

AAA Aardvark

There was a time when optimizing search results meant trying to get your company listed first in something called The Yellow Pages (which was the back section of something called The Phone Book). The listings were strictly alphabetical, which of course resulted in a lot of company names beginning with the letter “A”. Or even “AA”. And worse.

I used to joke that the perfect company name would be “AAA Aardvark”. I intended this to sound preposterous. But lo and behold, a recent Google search of “AAA Aardvark” reveals no fewer than 16,700 results!

My favorite? AAA Aardvark Storage of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Need a place to store your Aardvarks? Search no further.

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