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Cover Designs for Memoirs That Don’t Exist

11:20 AM Tuesday February 25, 2014

Bill Shortridge is an artist/farmer based in Northern California.

Marcie Barth is a partner at Barth and Co Design and founder & co-director of Newark Community Meditation Center.

Larry Ross is an artist and illustrator based in State College Pennsylvania.

Johnny Cosco is an artist, trumpet player, farmer, social critic, Air Force Captain (Ret), radio personality, and bon vivant living in Westfield, Pennsylvania.

Sara Moulton is a chef, cookbook author and television personality. She is the host of Sara’s Weeknight Meals, a cooking show distributed by American Public Television.

Bill Adler is an American music journalist and critic who specializes in hip-hop. He may be best known for his tenure as director of publicity at Def Jam Recordings.

Richard Ford is a music editor and music producer for feature film soundtracks and scores.

Glenn C. Devitt is a recovering musician, and Principal and Technical Director at Online& in Portland, Oregon.

Mark Martucci is a collector, curator, and lover of music, cinema, and all things cultural from Wharton, New Jersey.

Billy Barth is a songwriter, artist and world-traveler from Dover, New Jersey.

Bill Kopp is an art director and drummer based in Northern New Jersey.

Rob Barth is principal and founder of Barth and Co Design.

Anonymous is a fictional character created by Rob Barth.

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I recently asked a group of friends and colleagues a question: If you were to publish a memoir today, what would the title be? The responses I received were truly inspirational, resulting in the cover designs I’ve put up here. This all started when a friend of mine saw himself in a video and said “I should have smiled more”. To which I said, “Hey what a great name for a memoir!” And this project was born. So here they are: Cover Designs for Memoirs That Don’t Exist. Many thanks to my charter contributors! I’ll post more as new titles roll in . . .

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Hail the humble business card.

2:40 PM Tuesday January 14, 2014

Rob Barth business card

Even as a web designer, I am struck by the enduring power of the “lowly” business card. The card I use in the art world couldn’t be more simple — it’s just a visual play on the URL of my art website. But it never fails to get a reaction. It almost always prompts curiosity and conversation. And isn’t that what we’re looking for when we hand someone our card?

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