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3:15 PM Monday December 4, 2017

Blue Marble

Happy 45th birthday, Blue Marble! The famous Blue Marble photo was taken by Apollo 17 astronauts on December 7, 1972.

It’s become one of the most widely distributed photographic images in existence.

Although often seen as a depiction of Earth’s frailty and isolation amid the vast expanse of space, it’s also a reminder that this amazing place is where we all live. Lucky us, really.

Apollo 17 was the last manned lunar mission. No human since has been far enough from Earth to photograph a whole-Earth image like The Blue Marble.

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Get you very own Clever T-Shirt!

3:00 PM Thursday July 13, 2017

Clever t-shirt

No Clever T-Shirt collection is complete without a Clever T-Shirt. Visit the Clever T-Shirt Store today!

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Honest, Abe. You look great!

5:00 PM Thursday November 17, 2016

Honest, Abe

If you were named Secretary of Fashion Eyewear, how would you advise President Lincoln? Which frames say “presidential” to you? Send us your vote.

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Exit 3 Films logo

12:00 PM Tuesday November 1, 2016

Brooklyn-based documentary producer Exit 3 Films commissioned me to develop their new logo. Exit 3 filmmaker Phil Englander’s love of classic Hollywood and Film Noir served as inspiration for my design concept. I worked with Dave Joly at Picturedance Studio to produce the finished clip.

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Yes, you can get a logo for $75.

4:00 PM Wednesday April 13, 2016

You can also get lunch for a buck. But listen up, emptor, because there’s a caveat: In the words of John Ruskin, “It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money — that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.” You are what you pay for. You get what you eat. Or something like that.

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5th Annual Concert To Feed The Hungry

11:00 AM Friday February 26, 2016

5th Annual Concert To Feed The Hungry

Here’s a look at some of this year’s promo materials for The Concert to Feed the Hungry, presented by Buddhist Global Relief. This is BGR’s 5th annual evening of world-class music dedicated to the struggle against chronic hunger and malnutrition. The all-star lineup includes Grammy-nominated pianist Fred Hersch, Martin Vejerano’s Colombian folkloric band “La Cumbiamba”, Brazilian percussionist Rogerio Boccato, and singer-songwriter Becca Stevens.

The BGR mission involves emergency food aid, the development of sustainable long-term methods of food production, the promotion of education for poor girls and women, and job training for women so that they may better support their families.

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Let’s get it over with.

11:45 AM Friday September 4, 2015

Let's get it over with.

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A design mulligan

4:20 PM Friday July 17, 2015

Pinewood Edge Golf Club

Sometimes logo concepts I really like don’t make it past the final round of client review. Here are two. I thought the contemporary, non-traditional approach of each might appeal to a younger audience — a demographic that the golf industry is having difficulty attracting — but neither made the cut. Rather than let them languish on my hard drive, I thought I’d give the logos each a second shot here (which in golf is known as “taking a mulligan”).

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15 seconds of fame

5:35 PM Tuesday April 28, 2015

The New Jersey Advertising Club’s Annual Jersey Awards competition has recognized our “I know” radio spot for The Record, North Jersey Media Group’s flagship newspaper. The ad ran on select New York area news and sports stations as part of the “I know” campaign for The Record. Awards will be distributed on June 10, 2015 at the club’s 47th annual gala. Our thanks to PanRight Productions for their great teamwork on the project!

An unintentional collaboration

9:00 AM Monday March 16, 2015

An unintentional collaboration

I discovered this beautiful little rhythmic composition across the street from my office. Wet cement; a pigeon, maybe — and later a leaf. The effortless design of the natural world.

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The (once) friendly skies

1:00 PM Friday November 28, 2014

The (once) friendly skies

So many of us travel over the holidays. Those of a certain age remember when travel was actually glamorous. Not only was the guy next to you probably wearing a tie — his hairy legs were hidden inside a pair of actual pants! There was even real food. On a plate. Warm! OK, there was no TV (which you wouldn’t have been able to see through the cigarette smoke anyway). But I’d still go back.

Hitting targets by design

9:00 AM Wednesday November 12, 2014

If you want to produce work that achieves targeted goals, bring designers into your process early. Successful organizations know that design isn’t just a finishing touch to be added at the end of product development. Effective design is design that’s firmly aligned with strategy. If you want to hit a target, make sure your designers are there to help you aim.

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Me and my (plane’s) shadow.

10:20 AM Monday August 18, 2014

Here’s one of those cool happenstances that you couldn’t plan if you tried. I was landing in Newark when I noticed the shadow of our plane traveling along the ground. I began shooting the video casually, but as the image developed I became riveted...

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Meet Brazil’s Human Billboard

3:00 PM Wednesday July 9, 2014

Meet Brazil's Human Billboard

Talk about body copy. Edson Aparecido Borim already has 49 advertisements tattooed on his chest, back and arms. Apparently “a dare in a bar” started it all eight years ago. Now the ad-toos are his main source of income. His goal now is to get a big organization to tattoo his forehead, “but it would have to be a good contract,” he says.

FIFA maybe?

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From the archives . . . or make that noir-chives

12:00 AM Monday June 30, 2014

This was always one of our favorite pieces. It was designed to capture the mood of The Mickster’s Dangerous Rock and Roll Show — the classic, blues-tinged, garage-rock-centric broadcast that ruled the late night at WNTI FM out of Hackettstown NJ. Mick’s show always sounded to me like it was coming from a dark, out-of-the-way, slightly forboding neighborhood that only hep cats in-the-know knew how to find.

There’s a QR Code on my toilet paper.

4:02 PM Tuesday April 1, 2014

I did a double-take recently when I saw a QR code on a toilet paper wrapper from Marcal. It begged questions:

1) It’s been said that QR Codes are over. Does this make it official?
2) In a world where people don’t even read newspapers, doesn’t this place a lot of faith in the toilet paper wrapper as a communications platform?
3) Given what’s usually going on when you’re unwrapping a roll of TP, is that a particularly convenient time to execute a QR scan?
4) Even if you did take out your phone, unlock it, launch the QR app, and scan the TP wrapper, what's the payoff? Instructions? An owner’s manual?

Marketing bloggers have been announcing the death of QR for quite a while, citing that scanning codes has proven far too laborious to ever take off among mobile users. For many, they’ve proven to be one of those techy things that seems cool at first, but is ultimately a gimmicky solution in search of a problem. I think Marcal might have just forced me into that camp.

For more absurd QR appearances, check out

Dave and The Bees

11:15 AM Tuesday March 18, 2014

One day to my surprise I learned that my friend Dave Joly kept bees. I knew he was a great illustrator and fabulous animator, but I didn’t know he was a bee keeper. One day, Dave looked out the window and — oh heck, just watch the video!

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Cover Designs for Memoirs That Don’t Exist

11:20 AM Tuesday February 25, 2014

Bill Shortridge is an artist/farmer based in Northern California.

Marcie Barth is a partner at Barth and Co Design and founder & co-director of Newark Community Meditation Center.

Larry Ross is an artist and illustrator based in State College Pennsylvania.

Johnny Cosco is an artist, trumpet player, farmer, social critic, Air Force Captain (Ret), radio personality, and bon vivant living in Westfield, Pennsylvania.

Sara Moulton is a chef, cookbook author and television personality. She is the host of Sara’s Weeknight Meals, a cooking show distributed by American Public Television.

Bill Adler is an American music journalist and critic who specializes in hip-hop. He may be best known for his tenure as director of publicity at Def Jam Recordings.

Richard Ford is a music editor and music producer for feature film soundtracks and scores.

Glenn C. Devitt is a recovering musician, and Principal and Technical Director at Online& in Portland, Oregon.

Mark Martucci is a collector, curator, and lover of music, cinema, and all things cultural from Wharton, New Jersey.

Billy Barth is a songwriter, artist and world-traveler from Dover, New Jersey.

Bill Kopp is an art director and drummer based in Northern New Jersey.

Rob Barth is principal and founder of Barth and Co Design.

Anonymous is a fictional character created by Rob Barth.

< >

I recently asked a group of friends and colleagues a question: If you were to publish a memoir today, what would the title be? The responses I received were truly inspirational, resulting in the cover designs I’ve put up here. This all started when a friend of mine saw himself in a video and said “I should have smiled more”. To which I said, “Hey what a great name for a memoir!” And this project was born. So here they are: Cover Designs for Memoirs That Don’t Exist. Many thanks to my charter contributors! I’ll post more as new titles roll in . . .

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A productivity hack for font snobs

2:26 PM Wednesday January 22, 2014

Comic Papyrus

Why waste valuable time bashing hated fonts individually? Now, thanks to Comic Papyrus from Barth and Co, you can diss two fonts at once!

The Gift Shop is open! Get your Comic Papyrus T shirt or mug today!

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Hail the humble business card.

2:40 PM Tuesday January 14, 2014

Rob Barth business card

Even as a web designer, I am struck by the enduring power of the “lowly” business card. The card I use in the art world couldn’t be more simple — it’s just a visual play on the URL of my art website. But it never fails to get a reaction. It almost always prompts curiosity and conversation. And isn’t that what we’re looking for when we hand someone our card?

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Search Optimization and The Aardvark Effect.

11:32 AM Monday January 13, 2014

AAA Aardvark

There was a time when optimizing search results meant trying to get your company listed first in something called The Yellow Pages (which was the back section of something called The Phone Book). The listings were strictly alphabetical, which of course resulted in a lot of company names beginning with the letter “A”. Or even “AA”. And worse.

I used to joke that the perfect company name would be “AAA Aardvark”. I intended this to sound preposterous. But lo and behold, a recent Google search of “AAA Aardvark” reveals no fewer than 16,700 results!

My favorite? AAA Aardvark Storage of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Need a place to store your Aardvarks? Search no further.

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Like this if you like seeing someone liking being liked!

11:01 AM Monday December 16, 2013

Maybe Sally Field didn’t intentionally invent the “like” during her 1985 Oscar acceptance speech. But did her words perhaps catch the ear of a 1-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and thus inspire one of the greatest social movements of all time? Probably not. But she clearly demonstrated a major force driving social media: people really, really like to be liked.

The Barth and Co. Pile O’ Awards

9:00 AM Friday December 13, 2013

We’ve been fortunate to have our work recognized for excellence over the years. At some point, we began piling our awards up on the floor instead of hanging them. This got us more comments from visitors than hanging them on the wall ever did. Some people thought it was funny. Some thought it was our way of saying awards are unimportant. Or that we get so many we just pile them up. Others thought we were being coy. Or maybe we were getting ready to move. Our official position is that we do like winning awards because after all the hard work it feels good to be recognized. And it makes our clients feel good too. But beneath it all, we know what the hard truth is: you can take all of our awards – plus $1.85 – and that might get you a coffee at Starbucks.

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